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Whether you’re looking for retractable or fixed awnings for your windows, deck, or patio, Albert’s SJ Awnings of Haddon Heights, NJ, carries a comprehensive inventory of high-quality products.

Retractable awnings

Retractable patio awnings provide great functionality while also offering great style, thanks to the wide assortment of fabrics, colors, and patterns we make available from Sunbrella fabric. Our retractable awnings, which can be operated by gears or motors, provide shade when you need it and sun when you want it while protecting your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

These awnings provide years of lasting performance and help you save substantial money. Studies by air-conditioning professionals have shown that homeowners who install fabric awnings can reduce solar heat gain by as much as 77 percent and lower inside temperatures by as much as 15 degrees. In addition, retractable awnings are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as a means of protecting your family from harmful UV rays.

Fixed awnings

Fixed awnings are architectural projections that provide weather protection, business or family identification, and decoration. These are wholly supported by the building to which they are attached. Our fixed awnings are made of galvanized tube steel over which a rigid covering, typically fabric, is attached. Fixed awnings can be custom-designed to fit in virtually any setting and to cover almost any area desired, no matter how large or small.

  • Sturdy frame construction means no worries about wind or weather during summer storms.
  • Our beautiful collection of fabrics will help you create the right look for your home’s exterior.
  • See-through mesh side panels can be added to preserve the view from your deck or patio.
  • The deck canopy frame will support exterior lighting and hanging plants, helping you create a relaxing atmosphere.

Our expert installation team can accommodate specialty shapes and windows. Check out our amazing selection of designer fabrics!

Window awnings and canopies

Window awnings can transform simple windows from lackluster aspects of home design to integral parts of any home’s décor. We know how important awnings can be, which is why we offer a huge selection of high-quality window awnings, entry awnings, and retractable awnings in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes.

Window awnings and entry awnings are equally at home in residential or business applications and create a convenient shelter while looking great. Windows and doors aren’t the only places that can use a little awning help. Retractable awnings can protect patios, porches, and decks from rain and sunshine. Best of all, retractable awnings practically disappear when not in use.

Whatever your awning needs, Albert’s SJ Wallpaper can fill them at competitive prices, and our expert installation staff will provide outstanding service through every step of the process. Call or stop by today!