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Albert’s SJ Wallpaper of Haddon Heights, NJ, offers high-quality window shades that will give your interior a great new look while helping you control exterior light. Choose from cellular; top-down, bottom-up; Roman; sheer; bamboo; pleated; motorized; natural; cordless; light-filtering; and more.


Cellular shades are available in a tremendous array of fabrics, so you can customize your window treatments with respect to color, opacity, energy efficiency, and other considerations.

  • The honeycomb design of cellular shades provides the highest energy efficiency and sound absorption of any window treatment we offer.
  • Cellular shades are available in 4 opacity levels: sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening, and blackout.
  • Coordinating colors allow for matching light-filtering and blackout shades in the same room.
  • All fabrics are available with cordless operation for safety in homes with children or pets.

Designed for both beauty and energy-efficiency, cellular shades complement any décor with style and versatility. Many of our fabrics feature a patented D-cell design that maintains a dimensional fullness throughout the length of the shade. Although all shades are affected by the pull of gravity, our cells are shorter on the back by design so that only the back side flattens, leaving the front of the shade to maintain its fullness from top to bottom. Our shades offer a consistent appearance throughout the day.


Naturally attractive and environmentally sound, natural shades are crafted from bamboo reed, slit bamboo, sisal, grass, and jute materials. They add natural color, texture, and dimension to your windows and create a comfortable atmosphere of casual elegance or simple sophistication. We offer:

  • Standard or looped Roman shade designs
  • Wide selection of colors, textures, and unique weaves 
  • Standard cord control, cordless lift, continuous-loop lift, bottom up/top down, or motorized lift
  • New valance options, including 6" and 9" palisade valance, with vertically or horizontally oriented material

Roller and screen

Choose roller and solar shades for window coverings that are easy to operate, affordable, and available in all the newest fabrics as well as a wide range of colors. Solar shades protect your home's interior against glare and harmful UV rays while maintaining your view to the outside. They also provide a stylish way to keep rooms cool, comfortable, and attractive. Options such as bead trim and tassels help make roller shades as stylish as they are dependable.

The innovative dual-shade design integrates 2 fabrics from our solar and/or roller collections, either of which can be independently lowered or raised.

Exterior screen

Made with heavy-duty components and fabrics, exterior screens are ideal for patios, decks, and south-facing windows. Exterior screens are installed on the outside of your window or patio to block the sun's rays before they reach your windows. Benefits include:

  • Stops heat transference to keep the interior of your home cool
  • Reduces air-conditioning costs
  • Helps you maintain views to the outside of the home
  • Blocks UV rays to protect furniture, carpets, and belongings

As you consider exterior screens, keep in mind that light colors block more UV rays; dark colors provide a better view to the outside. In addition, low openness (5 percent) provides better UV blockage and privacy; high openness (10 percent) for a better view to the outside.


Our custom hand-crafted Roman shades are available in 4 distinct styles, including some that are flat when closed and others that have a soft, flowing look. Explore the creative possibilities by pairing the style of your choice with the fabric of your choice.

  • Fabric-wrapped wooden head rails are pre-drilled for ease of installation
  • These shades come with a standard liner that protects the fabric and creates a uniform street side appearance
  • Additional liner options are available

You’ll find that Roman shades create an elegant look that expresses your sense of style and makes your guests feel welcome. From the classic look of the flat-fold style to the elegant appeal of looped style, Roman shades combine the beauty of fabric window coverings with the easy operation of a blind. Romans are offered in a variety of fabrics from semi-sheer to room darkening and solar screens.

Sliding panels

Inspired by Japanese shoji screens, our innovative panel-track shades offer an attractive, contemporary alternative to vertical blinds for patio doors and large windows and spaces. Available in a wide range of fabrics and natural woven materials, panel-track shades coordinate beautifully with other categories of blinds and shades.

Panel-tracks, also known as sliding panels, offer a simple and stylish alternative to vertical blinds for large sliding glass or patio doors. Fabric panels hang vertically and slide across a streamline track. Panel-track shades bring clean, contemporary lines to wide expanses of glass or space, covering large windows or serving as a functional room divider.

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